Trek Trails in Chikmagalur

Nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is a charming hill station in Karnataka. Known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’, the hill station is also home to lush green forests, verdant hills, beautiful flower beds and overflowing streams, making it one of the best weekend getaway destinations.

Apart from the abundant natural beauty and scenic places, Chikmagalur also offers the perfect opportunity to explore the charming valleys and mountains of the Western Ghats. The numerous trekking trails in and around Chikmagalur make it one of the best trekking spots in South India.

Mullayanagiri Trek

Serving as the highest peak in the state of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri peak is perched at an altitude of 1930 m above sea level. It is located in the Baba Budangiri Range of the Western Ghats and is adorned with rugged rock formations, mesmerizing landscapes and lush green grasslands.

Mullayanagari Trek - Treks in Chikmagalur

The trek starts from Sarpadhari, which is at a distance of 15 km from Chikmagalur. It has two peak points. The lower peak point is Mullayanagiri, at a distance of 3 km and the higher peak point is Baba Budangiri, at a distance of 10 km. The best time to go for this trek is between the months of September and March.

Kudremukh Trek - Popular Treks in Chikmagalur

Kudremukh Trek

Situated in the heart of the Western Ghats, Kudremukh gets the name from its peak which resembles the facial structure of  a horse. Resting at an elevation of 1894 m above sea level, it is the second-largest peak in Karnataka. The hill is a part of the Kudremukh National Park, which is home to a wide variety of fauna including leopards, tigers and wild dogs, among others.

Kudremukh Trek is among the most popular treks in Chikmagalur, and offers exotic views of the Shola forests, lush green hills and tall bamboo shrubs. The 9 km trek starts from the small hamlet of Mullodi. Hanuman Gundi Falls, located amidst the Western Ghats, is a popular attraction that falls on the way to the highest peak.

Baba Budangiri Trek

Baba Budangiri is a famous mountain situated in the Baba Budan Range of the Western Ghats. It is a famous pilgrimage site for both Muslims and Hindus and is known for its shrine dedicated to Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, a 17th century Sufi saint. This Chikmagalur trek trail starts from Sarpadhari, which offers the enthralling views of both Mullayanagiri peak at 1930 m and Budangiri peak at 1895 m, making them appear like a crescent moon. Baba Budangiri Trek passes through rocky stretches, dense forests of shola trees and beautiful green grasslands.

Baba Budangiri Trek - Chikmagalur Trekking Places
Kemmanagundi Trek - Chikmagalur Trek

Kemmanagundi Trek

Kemmanagundi, popularly known as KR Hills, is among the most beautiful Chikmagalur trekking places. It is situated at an approximate distance of 50 km from Chikmagalur. Kemmanagundi is a lesser-known trekking spot, as a result of which, is an unspoilt part of nature. The peak stands at an elevation of 1434 m above sea level, and offers breathtaking views of the flourishing valleys, gushing waterfalls and streams, and aromatic coffee plantations.

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