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The best time to visit any place should be aligned with the purpose one is going there for. The beauty of a place is directly affected by its ability to solve your purpose - be it a vacation, work trip, educational travel, etc. Chikmagalur, however, is one place that some would call an exception to this rule. A paradise for those who want to be here, no matter the purpose. Chikmagalur boasts serene surroundings lined with verdant greenery, gushing waterfalls and an air so fresh, you will never want to go back. But, let’s be real, as much as we want a perpetual vacation away from the chaos, our responsibilities forbid us from doing so. Therefore, no matter how long you have, we will help you with the best time to visit this gorgeous town and what you can do while you’re here.

Summer in Chikmagalur

While the other parts of India burn with the scorching heat in the torrid summer, Chikmagalur is as cool as a cucumber. What makes Chikmagalur the ideal place to visit during summer is its vast offerings that cater to everyone’s needs. Summers are pleasant, humidity is almost non-existent, and the days last longer, which means you have more time to be a tourist every day! It is the ideal time to indulge in some enthralling activities like trekking, river-rafting, hiking and much more! Streaming through the strong flow of River Bhadra will be an experience that stays with you forever. As summers are not misty and are accompanied by clear skies, it is the perfect time for the Sheetala Giri-BabaBudanGiri-Mullayanagiri trail that will really test your fitness. This also lets you come close to nature and experience Chikmagalur at its best.

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Monsoon in Chikamagalur

The chilly breeze, mist looming over the soaring hills, clouds reaching as low as a high-rise building, and raindrops gently caressing your skin is what monsoon is like in Chikmagalur. The coffee land of Karnataka offers a soulful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The ever-present lush meadows of Chikmagalur are even greener in this season, and the tranquillity they exude is beyond measure. July is often regarded as the best month to visit Chikmagalur, as the monsoon brings out the best in the famous lakes and rivers this city possesses. The scenic hills around the lake make for the perfect backdrop for your selfies. If you plan on visiting Yagachi Dam, do not miss out on the water sports, which are sure to bring out the adventurer in you. You can also visit majestic waterfalls like Manikyadhara, Hebbe, Jhari and Honnamana.

Winter in Chikmagalur

While the busiest destinations during winter in India are probably Shimla or Manali, Chikmagalur is a rather unexplored gem that invites tourists in moderate numbers, enabling you to have a peaceful getaway. But make no mistake, a peaceful getaway does not mean one without activities or thrill. As we said, Chikmagalur is an exception that caters to every guest's needs. For those looking to sit back and unwind, it is the most relaxing place ever. But for those looking to indulge in adventure, sightseeing and more, it has a collection of activities lined up. Be part of what the locals hold dear to them like agriculture festivals, spiritual festivals, jeep and car rallies and much more. Come close to the locals and their way of life through the various cultural events that take place during the winter. Chikmagalur becomes a sight to behold during winter months, and it’s a crime to miss visiting it during this time.

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In conclusion, Chikmagalur is a paradise all year round, impressing anyone who visits at any time. But, the best time to visit Chikmagalur is between the months of September and May, when you can indulge in experiences that remain with you forever. What adds to the overall experience of Chikmagalur is a stay that exceeds expectations. The Serai happens to be one of the most desired places to stay in Chikmagalur, promising an experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Stay in luxury and witness the most beautiful sights you will ever come across.

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