Give in to a ritzy rest at The Serai Chikmagalur.


Enveloped by the plantations of The Serai, our Estate Villas are a sanctuary of calm and resplendence. A luxurious private space, each villa has within- a private pool or jacuzzi, a poolside gazebo, a relaxing tub, and an outdoor shower. Accentuating the villa is the tree- filled view from bed or the bay window. Our Estate Villas are an idyllic estate retreat.

Choose between Villa with a jacuzzi or a Villa with a pool.



A hideaway amidst the trees, the Estate Terrace at The Serai Chikmagalur is two-story villa. The upper floor with a large balcony, and bedroom sit beside tree tops. A picturesque bay window looks out over the sublime landscape of a coffee planation. The floor beneath, cozy and calm houses a living room, gazebo, a private pool and an outdoor shower.



Deep into the estate, in a sun spangled corner of the planation, The Residence at the The Serai Chikmagalur is an elegant appointed villa. An opulence of space welcomes you- living and dining spaces flanked by two bedrooms. Bathed in sunlight and hues of green, the private pool, garden and gazebo, bedazzle this charming holiday home.


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