Kailash Fair in Chikmagalur

According to Hindu mythology, Mount Kailash in Tibet is known as the abode of Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Every year, Kailash fair is celebrated across the world in memory of the belief that Lord Shiva appeared as a stone lingam at a time when his people needed him the most. The Chikmagalur Kailash fair is part of those celebrations, and the locals partake in the festivities with great fervour in honour of their lord, who is the supreme deity of the city. 

A statue of Lord Shiva
Chikmagalur Kailash fair

Every year around August and September, the people of Chikmagalur and other cities around India gather to celebrate the Kailash fair. They decorate the streets with coloured papers and lights, making the city a brilliant spectacle resembling a kaleidoscope. They do it in honour of Lord Shiva, who is believed to have visited the town in the form of a stone lingam. The lingam is, therefore, a sacred idol in Hinduism, and Shaivism in particular. Shiva lingas have existed and have been worshipped in some form since around 100 B.C.E. It is usually the murti, or primary idol, in temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The idols are usually made of stone. Other versions made of clay, precious stones, wood or metal also exist and are brought out for special occasions.

Shiva linga
devotees celebrating Kailash fair in Chikmagalur

This fair in Chikmagalur is celebrated with great splendour. Believers prostrate before the stone lingam in the hope that their prayers will be answered. Typical offerings such as milk, flowers and fruits are placed before the idol as a sign of gratitude for favours received, as a sign of hope for favours to come, or just to show one's love and devotion to the god. Priests and devotees chant hymns in temples around the city, and pujas and celebrations last long into the night. Tourists line the streets, curious to know what the excitement is about. Innumerable street stalls are opened to cater to the worshippers and tourists, selling everything from garlands and jewellery to sweets and miniature idols.

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