A Guide to Places near Chikmagalur

The resilient coffee capital of India, Chikmagalur is an ethereal and fantastical destination to visit. Attracting leisure travellers, groups of friends, and couples, the hill city is known for its clement aromatic ambience, pleasant weather, and unique tourist attractions. Exploring in and around Chikmagalur is an indelible experience on its own. From gushing waterfalls to coffee plantations, the city amazes its guests at every turn!

In and Around Chikmagalur
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In and Around Chikmagalur 3

Places to Visit near Chikmagalur

lush hills enveloped by fog

Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri range is known to entice tourists to witness the mighty high-rise mountains located here, the famous Mullayanagiri being one of them. It is filled with sightseeing spots that make the mountain range so well frequented. Apart from the panoramic views of the hills and valleys, explorers can venture to the well-known three Siddhas’ caves. Encapsulated within riveting scenic visuals and greenery, the caves make for a great place of attraction in Chikmagalur. The region is a sacred ground that witnesses celebrations every Diwali.


One of the most exquisite places in Chikmagalur, Kyathanamakki is a splendid blend of cascading waterfalls, virgin streams, and lush valleys. It is an adrenaline-rushing off-road journey that should be visited at any cost! Those who wish to trek can also reach the peaks on foot. Embrace the picturesque sunsets and the entrancing, rustic nature.

Hirekolale Lake

A paradise in heaven, Hirekolale Lake is a serene location that is bound to relax your soul upon exploring it. Its peaceful atmosphere is ideal for planning picnics and a fun-filled day out. A man-made lake built for the purpose of supplying water to the city, the location does not see a heavy footfall. Thus, it is a unique and unconventional location to visit in Chikmagalur.

Hirekolale Lake overlooking Mullayyana Giri

Bhadra Dam

Built on River Bhadra, the dam named after its source river is a popular tourist destination in Chikmagalur. The dam is frequented by many tourists who come to explore the water body as well as visit the nearby wildlife sanctuary. The well-protected wildlife is home to a variety of fauna - emerald dove, mesh crocodiles, red spurfowl, gaurs, wild boar, green imperial pigeon, and hill mynahs.

Fall near Chikmagalur

Falls near Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur’s hilly terrain and breathtaking valleys are incomplete without its beautiful counterpart - the waterfalls! There are several graceful waterfalls that bless the natural beauty of the city. Some of the most popular falls near Chikmagalur are Hebbe Falls, Hanumana Gundi Falls, Jhari Falls, Kallathigiri Falls, Chunchanakatte Waterfalls, Manikyadhara Falls, and many more!

In a nutshell, Chikmagalur is an alluring destination. It has gradually become a hotspot for tourists and nature lovers. This led to the rise of multiple homestays and luxury resorts like The Serai Chikmagalur. Reserve a lavish villa and explore the hidden treasures of Chikmagalur!

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