The Serai Bandipur

A stunning resort located amidst pristine wilderness

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Activities in Bandipur - The Serai Bandipur
Best Resort in Bandipur - The Serai Bandipur

Bandipur is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore. It is located about 223 kilometres from Bangalore and serves as a perfect antidote to the humdrum of city life. It is known for the Bandipur National Park which is located at the foothills of the Nilgiris.

An exotic variety of flora and fauna are present in the vast reserves of the sanctuary and some animals like the Sambhar Deer can also be spotted as you drive along the winding roads of the national park. There is also an open-jeep safari for nature lovers, where you can travel within the Bandipur National Park and observe the animals in their natural habitat.

About The Serai

Best Resort in Bandipur with Swimming Pool - The Serai Bandipur

The Serai is a group of luxury resorts set in beautiful natural destinations all across India. Our resorts are designed to cater to every need of our guests and help them gain fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Set amidst the poetic beauty of the Western Ghats, the Serai Bandipur is the ideal resort for a luxury weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Enveloped by nature on all sides, our guests can enjoy the intricacies of nature from the comfort of their rooms. Our resort in Bandipur is decked with wildlife décor and artefacts that will help you truly connect with the surroundings. Our open-jeep safaris enable you to venture out deep into the wilderness where you can spot elephants, deer, and a variety of other animals. You might also get to spot the Royal Indian Tiger in all its glory at the Bandipur National Park

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Experiences at Serai Bandipur

Bird Trails

Serai Bandipur is located at the edge of the Bandipur National Park. A morning walk where you can spot a variety of local and migratory birds is truly an unbeatable experience. The duration of the bird trails experience is about an hour.

Bird Trail in Bandipur - The Serai Bandipur
Bullock Cart Ride in Bandipur - The Serai Bandipur

Bullock Cart Ride

Experience the true lives of villagers as part of The Serai’s community program. A villager will take you on a bullock cart ride where you can interact and share stories with each other. The duration of this experience is about an hour and a half.

A Jungle Safari

The Jungle Safari is an open-jeep experience where you can go into the wilderness of the tiger reserve and get a closer look at regal animals such as leopards, panthers, elephants and much more. The Jungle Safari lasts for about two and a half hours.

Jeep safari at The Serai Bandipur
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Mountain Bike Trail

The Mountain Bike Trail is the best way to experience the rich beauty present all around our resort in Bandipur. Our in-house naturalist will talk you through the process and you can enjoy spotting many birds, animals, trees and more during this 18-20 kilometre cycling stretch (two hours). 

Romantic Dinners

The open-air setting and natural beauty of the surroundings form the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Additionally, our friendly and experienced team goes the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect for your dinner date with your special someone.

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If you are looking for the perfect getaway from Bangalore over the weekend, then the Bandipur National Park should be one on your list. You can stay at The Serai Bandipur which is the perfect place for you to relax and bask in all the goodness of nature over a weekend.

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