Explore the Wilderness of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Located deep in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is one of the best places to experience the wilderness. Whether you love to be amid nature or spot animals roaming in the wild, this place will never disappoint you. The reserve is placed between the Ooty-Mysore route, allowing explorers travelling this route to embrace the wild. You can easily spot herds of spotted deer walking along the periphery of the road.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is home to more than 48 tigers. This area contains a range of habitats, including secondary grasslands, wetlands, deciduous forests and teak forests.

an elephant walking around the jungle
a spotted deer standing in a field
a peacock resting on a branch

Mudumalai experiences a tropical wet climate. The ideal time to explore the natural beauty of the reserve would be during early summer or right after the monsoon season. However, between February and May, at the start of the summer season is when you have the best chance of spotting native creatures. Animals frequently make their way down to lakes and other water sources, and if you are lucky enough you can detect them. Migrating birds also temporarily settle in Mudumalai.

a peacock standing in the field
a grey langur sitting

If you are an animal enthusiast or birdwatcher, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is the place you would want to explore. The forest has a rich population of exotic fauna like Grey Langurs. The Great Indian Rock Python, Spectacled Cobra, Pit Viper, and other varieties of snakes are also present. Apart from Bengal tigers, you will also come across monitor lizards, flying lizards and kraits. Besides animals, the national park is home to vibrant wildflowers. You can easily discover several exotic roses and more than 30 varieties of eucalyptus trees. As the Moyar river runs through the national park, it is one of the few places in India where you can find animals in their original natural habitat.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve safari is one of the most sought-after things to do inside the park. You can follow the wildlife trail deep into the national park on safari buses or vans available at the entrance. As you travel through the forest, every now and then a wild animal will make you sit up on your seat! If you are lucky, you may come across a Mudumalai tiger up close. The tour operators offer a variety of guided trekking routes and mountain hiking opportunities. So if you are a person who absolutely loves to walk along the nature trails, the national park is the best place for you to explore.

a tiger resting

Some of the resorts located in Mudumalai and Bandipur offer a range of adventurous activities that bring you closer to nature. The Serai Bandipur is a premium resort that provides jungle safaris and mountain biking. They promise a 2.5 hour of safari where professionals take you to the depths of the wild in search of animals.