Bandipur, the Perfect Stop Between Mysore and Ooty

Bandipur is the perfect rest stop while travelling from Mysore to Ooty. Enhance your journey with more memories by taking out a day to visit Bandipur in between your trip from the city to the hill station. It is a treat for nature and animal lovers, who love the company of the wilderness. The lush greenery, the rustling of leaves and the occasional spottings of the exotic fauna are what make travelling from Mysore to Ooty via Bandipur so exciting. Plan the perfect Bandipur night stay at The Serai and utilise the next day to explore the stunning wildlife that surrounds this dreamy reserve.

Jeep safari through the forest - A great idea during your Mysore-Bandipur-Ooty expedition
a flock of parrots in a forest
a tiger drinking water

Jungle Safari

How can you set foot in Bandipur and not visit the Bandipur National Park? The park preserves exotic wildlife comprising tigers, leopards, wild pigs, elephants, and dholes. It is notable for being one of the richest wildlife areas in India. On your stay at The Serai Bandipur, you can opt for its jungle safari that takes you deep into the wild. The reserve is only a 45-minute drive from the resort. Experience getting up close and personal with nature like never before!

An elephant walks towards us on a white sandy pathway amidst the jungle
peafowl in Bandipur National Park

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a fun, idyllic experience and Bandipur is home to several species of birds. Take a walk through the woods with a well-informed naturalist who feeds you knowledge on birds. Spot a variety of winged beauties such as Indian peafowl, spotted dove, painted stork, white-cheeked barbet, ring-necked parakeet, barn swallow, red velvet bulbul and several others! Listen to the sound of nature and allow your mind to unwind and relax in tune with the natural rhythm of the woods.

Mountain Bike Trail

Craving an adrenaline-pumping activity? Worried you got too lackadaisical in the comfort of the hotel? A mountain bike trail is exactly the activity you need to awaken you! Take a ride over the mountains and enjoy the wind caressing your face at a high altitude. Anyone who knows how to ride a cycle can partake in this activity. An in-house naturalist at The Serai can accompany you to help you learn about the nearby flora and fauna as well.

Biking over the mountains a great activity to do during your Mysore-Bandipur-Ooty expedition
Idli and chutney served on a plantain leaf

Flavours of Bandipur

Lastly, a stay in Bandipur is incomplete without experiencing the local flavours. Some of the notable eateries in Bandipur include Samay Baji, Bandipur Kaushi Beans Cafe, The Himalayan Cafe and Falcha Food & Drink. Idly, vada, rasam, kesari bath, dosa and bisi bele bath are some of the most popular delicacies in this area. If you crave flavours from different parts of the world along with the local cuisine, visit The Sanctuary, The Serai’s in-house restaurant. You can relish exquisite alcoholic drinks at Moyar’s Edge. We provide an outdoor dining facility where you could indulge in a fine dining experience near the Bandipur forest.

The nature reserve is one of the unexplored gems in Karnataka. The Serai Kabini is glad to be of help in your Mysore-Bandipur-Ooty expedition. Apart from our elegant accommodations, we also offer modern facilities such as a wellness spa to help you relax, destress and purge your body of toxins. We at The Serai strive to raise the hospitality standards in Bandipur and ensure the best stay experience for all its visitors.