Ooty to Bandipur

Bandipur is located in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is home to the second-highest tiger population in India. This rich wildlife reserve area also shares its boundaries with the Nagarahole National Park, Wayanad National Park and Mudumalai National Park. This is an extensive area for wildlife to reserve and the largest protected wildlife reserve in South India. Only an hour away from Ooty, Bandipur National Park is the best place to tour for a day or two before you head on to your next destination

a tiger cub standing near a tree and looking
mountain greens and the view of  the sky and clouds
Two Asian elephants partially hidden by dense green foliage in their natural forest habitat

Significance of Bandipur National Park 


Bandipur was once widely known as the private hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Mysore. This area houses tigers, elephants, antelopes, bison, gaurs and several other species of wildlife. Today, the Bandipur National Park is a highly regarded national park in the country that is well-maintained and renowned for the second-highest tiger population in India. Bandipur is also significant for elephants because it is the last home and refuge for the Asiatic Wild Elephants. You can visit the park and join wildlife safaris on canters and jeeps with other wildlife enthusiasts during specific hours. It is to be noted that the traffic movement is banned in the area from 9 pm to 6 am.

Tiger walking on a dirt path in a forest, looking back.
aerial view of wayanad

Wayanad: Where Nature and Culture Unite


Wayanad, Kerala, continues the tapestry of natural beauty that Bandipur started. This region is a treasure trove of lush greenery, encompassing pristine forests, tea gardens and spice plantations. The journey from Bandipur to Wayanad presents an opportunity to experience Wayanad's diverse landscapes, from the awe-inspiring Chembra Peak to the serene Pookode Lake.


Wayanad is also rich in cultural heritage, offering insights into Kerala's traditions. Explore ancient temples, vibrant festivals and the warm hospitality of the locals. Enjoy the delicious Malabar cuisine that tantalises your taste buds with its unique flavours.

Stay at The Serai Bandipur 


When in Bandipur, The Serai Bandipur is the best place to book your stay. The resort is located on the confluence of Western and Eastern Ghats nestled among the deciduous trees of the tropical forest. There are 24 luxurious rooms to choose from. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Nilgiris from these rooms and also lounge in the verandahs if you wish to unwind for a moment. After you have taken in the lush green views, get ready to dine at our in-house restaurant at The Serai Bandipur; the restaurant and bar will transport you right to a jungle as you dine on your scrumptious meal. 

a person reading a magazine outdoors at The Serai Bandipur

Bandipur National Park is the best place for a weekend getaway from Ooty. The Nilgiris is a vast region and it is best explored at ease while you take in the rich flora and fauna of the area. Make your Ooty to Bandipur National Park trip a memorable one by going on an unforgettable jungle safari at Bandipur National Park. During your stay at The Serai Bandipur, you may also go on a Mountain Bike Trail for a thrilling experience and to reconnect with nature.