Bandipur to Wayanad: A Journey Through Nature's Embrace

Nestled in the southern part of India, the lush green landscapes of Bandipur and Wayanad beckon travellers with their raw natural beauty and abundant wildlife. For many, visiting one of these destinations often leads to exploring the other. This blog is your guide to the seamless transition from Bandipur to Wayanad or vice versa, a journey through dense jungles, vibrant flora and captivating fauna.

a house beside a lake amidst green hills
an elephant in a reserve
view of lush plantations in wayanad

Bandipur: A Sanctuary of Wonders


Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, stands as a testament to India's commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity. This protected sanctuary is a safe haven for a myriad of wildlife species, including the regal Indian elephant and the elusive Bengal tiger. As you traverse through Bandipur's meandering roads, you're likely to spot gaur, spotted deer and an array of exotic birds.


Beyond its wildlife, Bandipur boasts rolling hills adorned with dense forests, teak plantations and tranquil rivers. The Bandipur to Wayanad journey begins here, where you'll immerse yourself in the serene ambience of nature.

a stream between two lush green fields
aerial view of wayanad

Wayanad: Where Nature and Culture Unite


Wayanad, Kerala, continues the tapestry of natural beauty that Bandipur started. This region is a treasure trove of lush greenery, encompassing pristine forests, tea gardens and spice plantations. The journey from Bandipur to Wayanad presents an opportunity to experience Wayanad's diverse landscapes, from the awe-inspiring Chembra Peak to the serene Pookode Lake.


Wayanad is also rich in cultural heritage, offering insights into Kerala's traditions. Explore ancient temples, vibrant festivals and the warm hospitality of the locals. Savour the delectable Malabar cuisine that tantalises your taste buds with its unique flavours.

The Road Less Travelled: The Bandipur to Wayanad Route


One of the unique aspects of travelling from Bandipur to Wayanad or vice versa is the route itself. Both Bandipur and Wayanad are connected by a stretch of road that meanders through dense forests. As you drive through this lush jungle, keep a keen eye out for wildlife; you might just spot an elephant or a herd of deer crossing your path.


The journey provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature as you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the jungle. Be sure to have your camera ready, as every turn in the road unveils a new vista of verdant landscapes.

cars on a road through a jungle
an image of our resort with swimming pool in Bandipur

Choosing The Serai Bandipur for Your Stay


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The Wayanad Bandipur trip is not just a physical transition but a seamless immersion into nature's embrace. Whether you start in the untamed jungles of Bandipur or the rolling hills of Wayanad, you're bound to experience the raw beauty and vibrant culture that this region has to offer. As you traverse through the dense jungles and explore the diverse landscapes, let the serenity of nature guide you on this unforgettable adventure.