Experience a Bangalore to Bandipur Road Trip

Bandipur National Park, one of Asia's best-preserved locations, is best visited by road. The Bangalore to Bandipur road trip ensures enjoyment, excitement, and the chance to see rare animals, as well as several resorts and tourist destinations that welcome visitors from all over the world. Although there are many local rental cars and vans available to take you on journeys, if you enjoy road travel, a self-driven vehicle vacation may be something you would enjoy, especially if you are driving from Bangalore.

Things to keep in mind

Because of its accessibility and the proliferation of resorts, Bangalore to Bandipur road trip has over time become one of Bangalore's most popular weekend getaway spots. Long weekends are when most resorts and hotels are fully booked, so if you have any intentions to visit Bandipur during one of these times, make sure you make your reservation as soon as possible. Normally, it takes 5 hours to go from Bangalore to Bandipur, although this can change slightly depending on how congested the 4-lane motorway to Mysore is. Bandipur Forest will be closed for travel between 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and you need to schedule your travel time accordingly to the resort you will be staying at.

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views of a foggy forest during day time

How to reach?

The majority of resorts in Bandipur have a noon check-in time, which is very handy because it allows you to leave around 7:00 AM and take your time travelling to Bandipur. Try to leave at 7:00 AM, travel the NICE road to the highway connecting Bangalore and Mysore, and then continue to Bandipur. Bangalore to Bandipur by car typically takes 5 hours to get to Bandipur, including a breakfast break at the "Right-O" food junction close to Mandya.

The Journey

From Bangalore to Bandipur by road, you will gradually enter the forest's interior, which is largely shielded from view by outsiders. The greenery on either side of the road suddenly becomes denser and thicker as you enter the woodland. There is a good probability that you may see Indian elephants eating their traditional all-green breakfast as soon as you cross the Bandipur Entry Checkpost. Bangalore to Bandipur by car road being surrounded by plants and animals will feel distinct. Deer, elephants, bison, and the incredible visual grandeur of the forest in a smokey environment can all be captured in some stunning photographs. Bandipur National Park, which has an area of around 800 square kilometres, is a national asset of India. And if you are ready to embark on this journey, do check out The Serai's luxury stay options here.

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