Bandipur is a paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. From The Serai, you can visit various compelling locations in and around Bandipur.

Moyar River ViewpointX A tributary of Bhavani river, Moyar forms a part of a gorgeous canyon with striking scenery near Bandipur. 30 km
Bandipur Tiger ReserveX A well-known haven for tigers, leopards, elephants, dholes, gaurs, and sloth bears, apart from over 200 species of birds. 14 km
GopalaswamybetaX Located at an elevation of 1450 metres above sea level, this is the highest peak in the vicinity with a temple at the top. 27 km
Bokkapuram Murugan TempleX Enjoy scenic views from the hilltop temple of Bokkapuram, dedicated to Lord Murugan. 33 km
MysuruX Famous for its cultural heritage, Indo-Saracenic architecture, silk and spice trades, Mysuru is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. 90 km
OotyX Fondly known as the Queen of Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is situated at an elevation of 2240 metres in the Nilgiris. 60 km