The Serai Kabini

A pristine resort perfect for a weekend getaway from Bangalore

exterior facade of one of our private cottages in Kabini
Stay in Kabini at The Residence Room in The Serai
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Kabini is a breezy weekend getaway location that is located about 203 kilometres from Bangalore and is about four and a half hours drive. Kabini is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and has something for all kinds of travellers. For wildlife enthusiasts, you can opt for a jungle safari and a gander at the various species of flora and fauna present within it. Coffee aficionados can enjoy the coffee-making process at the various coffee estates present around Kabini.

For travellers who are looking to experience the general beauty of Kabini, you can take a boat safari and a trip to Irrupu Waterfalls - both of which are surrounded by vast swathes of nature and make for an enchanting experience.

About The Serai

The Serai is a group of luxury resorts set in beautiful natural destinations all across India.

Our resorts are designed to cater to every need of our guests and help them form fond memories that will last a lifetime.

The Residence Jacuzzi at Our Resort in Kabini
Waterfront Villa at The Serai Kabini

The Serai Kabini is a serene weekend getaway resort that can be visited all throughout the year. If you are looking to experience the intricacies of nature, it is best to visit us during the months from June to February. During this period the Kabini River is in full flow and when the wildlife sightings are at the highest.

Experiences available at The Serai Kabini

Bird Trails

There are a variety of local and migratory species of birds which call Kabini their home. Take a walk in the woods where you can spot unique birds like egrets, herons, cormorants and much more.

Bird Watching in Kabini offered at The Serai
Coracle Ride in Kabini

Ride a coracle

In the past, coracles were the only means of transport across water bodies in these parts. Indulge in this unique experience which starts on the banks of the Kabini River.

Sail into the sunset

Experience the sunset over the horizons of the Kabini River as the sky turns into an orange hue. Sail along the Kabini River and experience this marvellous phenomenon which will forever be etched in your memory.

sunset views from our resort in Kabini
Jaguar at Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

A Jungle Safari

Explore the vast Nagarhole Forest during an open-jeep jungle safari. Kabini Forest is home to a variety of big cats like tigers, leopards, black panthers and more.

A Boat Safari

The Boat Safari starts on the banks on the Kabini River and proceeds deep into the pristine jungle that surrounds it. Keep a camera and some binoculars ready to spot the many animals that come to quench their thirst at the river.

Activities at The Serai Kabini near the river 4
River Rafting at Kabini River

Kayaking and Pedal Boating

You can also undertake kayaking and pedal boating on the Kabini River which is an ideal way to spend your afternoons while staying at The Serai Kabini.

Romantic Dinners

Enjoy the experience of dining under the stars as our friendly staff makes sure all your needs are met to help you have a romantic dining experience at our resort in Kabini.

Romantic Dinners at The Serai Kabini


If you are looking to refresh your city-weary soul and stray away from the mundane, then head over to The Serai Kabini. Located in close proximity to the Kabini River, this location is one the best weekend getaway destinations from Bangalore.

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