5 Things to Do in Kabini

a tiger walking in front of vehicles on a safari
a boat cruising through a river during evening
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Kabini, nestled in Karnataka and located approximately 221 km from Bangalore, is more than just a former British hunting ground rich in flora and fauna. It's a destination bustling with thrilling activities for wildlife lovers and adventure seekers alike. From taking safaris and biking to trekking the area, the possibilities for things to do in Kabini are endless. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the five best things to do during your visit, ensuring an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Safari in Kabini

A safari is essential in Kabini, offering various ways to experience the area's abundant wildlife.
Vehicle Safari: Kabini's most favored activity is the vehicle safari, organized by Jungle Lodges. They offer you either an 18-seater canter or a jeep as your mode of transportation. These safaris offer an immersive wilderness experience. The Serai Kabini arranges this safari for the convenience of guests.
Boat Safari: Enjoy a serene boat safari on the Kabini River, where you can observe forest wildlife, including elephant herds and diverse birds. While these safaris are overseen by the Karnataka Forest Department, The Serai Kabini simplifies the process for you by arranging this unforgettable boat safari experience.

Nagarahole Tiger Reserve Safari
view of a boat on a river during daytime

Boat Ride

Enjoying a boat ride in Kabini is a popular activity among tourists. Given the pristine condition of the lakes and rivers, cruising through these waters amidst the surrounding wildlife significantly enhances the experience. Sunset is the ideal time for a boat ride, offering breathtaking views. While the cost varies from one provider to another, each ensures a memorable and enjoyable boating experience.

Bike Riding

For those with a taste for adventure, bike riding in Kabini hits all the right spots. Whether you bring your own bike or rent one from local providers, taking a spin through this beautiful landscape is exhilarating. When riding on forest-surrounded roads, remember to go slowly through animal crossing zones. Bicycles are also available for rent, offering a leisurely way to explore the area. Don't forget to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated on your journey.

A bike on a road beside a water body
animal sighting during jungle safari at kabini 4

Bird Watching

Kabini forest boasts a rich avian diversity with over 200 bird species, including kingfishers, woodpeckers, peafowls, egrets, herons and Indian rollers. Arm yourself with binoculars and embark on a journey through the woods, surrounded by the melodious chirping of birds. Capture stunning photos of these avian wonders in their natural setting. To enhance your bird-watching experience, The Serai Kabini offers guided tours, making your exploration of these woods both enjoyable and effortless.

Explore Kabini Dam


After your adventurous endeavours in Kabini, a more laid-back activity to consider is visiting the Kabini Dam. This significant reservoir, which provides water to 22 villages, sits along the Kabini River and is a popular picnic spot for families, thanks to its picturesque riverside location. As the day draws to a close, you can witness the stunning sight of various bird species flocking back to their nests in groups, which is a truly mesmerising experience. Additionally, there's a good chance of spotting animals grazing by the river's edge, adding to the serene ambience of the area.

Serai Kabini - dam with water gushing out

After a day full of activities in Kabini, you may find yourself seeking a peaceful retreat for a restful night's sleep.

Allow us to introduce The Serai Kabini, perfectly located near the jungle safari pickup point and on the banks of Kabini River. This serene getaway is ideal for fully immersing yourself in the things to do at Kabini. Unwind in our spacious rooms, offering riverside views and rejuvenate after your adventurous tour. Don't forget to check out our special offers to enhance your stay.

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