Exploring Kabini in Monsoon

rain falling on a pink flower
a peacock dancing in the rain
rain falling on a person's hand

Nestled deep in South India, Kabini is known for its ubiquitous wildlife sanctuary and adventure activities. The versatile location attracts tourists of all kinds - adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers as well as wildlife admirers. It is a location that must be visited at least once in your lifetime.

Kabini is well known for being a year-round vacation spot. Although activities like bird watching, jungle safaris, boating on River Kabini, trekking and more are best experienced during the summer, the rainy season in Kabini is when the location transforms into a dew-covered paradise. With the drizzling rain gracing the lush green forests, Kabini becomes an emerald gem. You can listen to the river flowing and the birds chirping from the forests around it. The monsoon season rejuvenates the forest and the wildlife continues to flourish. This annual spectacle is a crucial time for animals, which draws several people to the area.

The rainy season in Kabini leaves travellers spellbound. After the hot summer between the months of March and May, the months of June to September make way for the rain to transform the forest into lush green covers. The first crack of thunder feels like a celebration after months of oppressive heat. The rainy mornings are welcomed by the harmonious chirping of birds, denoting the onset of the monsoon season.

rain falling on leaves
a spotted deer looking from the jungle

Due to the downpour, River Kabini in July starts brimming with water that makes the sight ethereal. As you step inside the jungle, you will feel a cover of lush green trees enveloping you. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a herd of spotted deer and sambar deer grazing on the grasslands. As the forest thickens during the monsoon, there is also a magical play of shadows persistent with the green cover. The sunlight often peeks in through the canopies making the forestland feel like heaven. 

Kabini in September experiences a pleasant weather that allures adventure lovers to partake in thrilling activities. You can either go out for a wildlife safari or jump into a boat. You can hop on a bicycle and explore the unseen trails.

a boat cruising through a river during evening

Kabini in October enjoys a favourable climate with temperature between 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, when you can witness an overcast sky with spells of short rain drizzles. The ambience becomes more dramatic, giving rise to a number of opportunities for photographers to click pictures. Keep your lenses clean and ready as the monsoon provokes several animals to come out. Some of them include peacocks, wild boars, elephants and even leopards!

Kabini turns into a paradise in the rain. So do not miss out on an enchanting opportunity to experience it! As you explore the rich biodiversity, book a stay at the charming resort, The Serai. Providing a range of luxe benefits and amenities, The Serai Kabini promises a relaxing sojourn amid the wilderness.