About The Serai Bandipur


We at the Serai Resorts are inspired by each of the destinations chosen for our properties. We have experienced the indigenous characteristics of each place and the unique lessons that they have to offer. We have designed our resorts in such a way that our guests can get the most out of their luxury experiences with us, and make fond memories which will last a lifetime.


Nestled comfortably in the cradle of the Western Ghats, one can hear the sounds of the wild all around. Indeed in the lap of luxury, our guests can enjoy the view of the Nilgiris right from the comfort of their rooms. Fully furnished with wildlife decor to seamlessly connect with the great outdoors, our rooms offer a truly authentic Bandipur experience. Venture out into the wilderness if you wish and you might be lucky enough to spot the Royal Indian Tiger in all her glory.



We at The Serai and Barefoot Resorts believe that each of our property destinations is lands of immense inspirational value. Our vision is for each of us to imbibe in our guests the same sense of inspiration by giving them a complete experience, and sharing all the bliss which our land has to offer. Last but not least, we strive to make our guests become destination endorsers themselves.


We will, through all that we do, all that we say, and all that we deliver, strive to create wonderful memories for our guests. We believe that we are the best storytellers of the destination as we are deeply inspired by our surroundings. We shall respect it, conserve it and do everything possible to preserve it. We shall serve one and all as though they were visitors to our home. We will tell our stories in different ways for our guests to hear, cherish and remember us and our services.


A responsible future, together. We invite our guests to help us protect our planet.
We firmly believe that the way forward lies in giving back. Every step we take is carefully considered for its impact on the environment, the species of fauna and flora around, and the local people. In conjunction with building our resorts, we build and fortify the natural resources around, offering opportunities to the people, and strengthening the bio-diversity in every region we enter. As usual, we believe in our work speaking for itself. So here are some examples of our efforts to give back, and many more will be visible when you visit the resort itself.

Over 80% of our resort staff is taken from the local populace. We train and employ them in our estates, factories, and resorts. On exhibit in our interiors are some beautiful pieces of handicrafts made by the destitute and physically challenged. In addition to increasing local talent and employment opportunities, we realize their untapped potential. Exotic local dishes and the genuine warmth they bring to the table are assets we are proud of.

These children surrounding our properties are our future. We sponsor many needy cases and support local school activities like picnics and excursions.

Indigenous materials are generously used in our building. Waste wood from the plantations has been extensively used for the interiors and furniture. Many local touches from the Kadu Kallu stonework to the thatched roofs are sprinkled across our properties. In addition, we create a thriving local marketplace, by sourcing vegetables, poultry, dairy and farm products from villages surrounding the resort.

We keep an open house and a ready helping hand for those who look after our forests. We support the Forest Department in any endeavour they attempt - for example, we supported them with our vehicles during the 3 months when patrolling was necessary to prevent forest fires.

In keeping with our love of the forests, we use our own state-of-the-art vehicles, low on noise and emissions. The power generators meet the most stringent noise levels specified by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF).

Wastewater from our resorts is filtered and recycled to irrigate vegetation in and around each resort, being the main source of water for our gardens and trees and greenery around. Water treatment is an important function to avoid seepage into our pristine surroundings. At The Serai Kabini, for example, our management of waste water is critical to protect the Kabini River and ecosystem from contamination.

Our scientific rainwater harvesting systems add to our overall reservoir of water, along with increasing the ground water table. We also plant foliage which requires minimal water input. Our aim is to be entirely independent of external water sources.

The sewage treatment plant manages all wastewater from the resort, which is treated and then used in gardening. A solid waste management system was introduced to ensure reduction and responsible degeneration of wastes.

The eco-friendly bin-liners used in rooms are made of materials which bio-degrade at a rate similar to pure cellulose (natural waste plant matter), leaving no harmful residues. We endeavour to use recycled paper in all our branding communication materials and guest handouts. We intensely promote the minimal use of plastics. And those which are necessary are accumulated and disposed responsibly in areas where they are reused or recycled.