Andaman is a destination for everybody – from nature lovers to adventure seekers, from kids to the elderly. Barefoot resort is on Havelock, recently renamed Swaraj Dweep, which is one of the favourite islands among travellers.


RADHANAGAR BEACHX Time magazine declared Radhanagar Beach as Asia’s Best Beach in 2004. The long stretch of white sand bordered by the dense jungle with a high canopy together give the beach a truly exotic feel.
KALAPATHAR BEACHX Located on the eastern side of the island, Kalapathar Beach is famous for witnessing a spectacular sunrise over the horizon.
PORT BLAIR XPort Blair is the only port of entry to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by air. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage.
NEIL/SHAHID DWEEP ISLANDX Neil (Shahid Dweep) is smaller and more laid back when compared to Havelock. There are great diving and snorkelling opportunities here, apart from amazing hiking trails.
CHIDIYA TAPUX Experience scenic sunsets at Chidiya Tapu, easily accessible by road from Port Blair. A short trek from here takes you to Munda Pahar with breathtaking views from the clifftop.
CONSTANCE BAYX A local secret, Sunset Bay at Colinpur gets few tourists. One of the most remote villages of South Andaman, Colinpur is a rural idyll surrounded by forest and sea. Japanese bunkers dating from World War II are hidden in the hillside framing the beach.
BARATANGX Sandwiched between Middle Andaman and South Andaman Islands, Baratang is a unique island with little mud volcanoes and large limestone caves.