Andaman is a treasure trove of a destination that is tantamount to paradise.

About Andamans Barefoot at Havelock

The Andaman archipelago comprises of about 550 islands, of which 28 are inhabited. Exotic flora and fauna of Andaman came into existence through millions of years of evolution on the islands. For instance, the Andaman Woodpecker is a unique endemic species of bird, found only in the Andaman Islands and is widespread even on islands untouched by humans.

These enigmatic islands are also home to four major tribal populations – Jarawa, Onge, Great Andamanese, and Sentinelese. The Sentinelese, who have presumably never been outside of North Sentinel Island for tens of thousands of years, are considered the most isolated tribe in the world.


These tropical islands can be visited round the year, however, there are seasons. To explore the astounding underwater world of the Andaman Sea, the best time to travel is between October and May, although scuba diving happens throughout the year.

Birdwatchers should plan it during the winter between November and February. The monsoon months of June, July, and August turn the islands very green, adding significantly to their perpetual beauty.