Where to Stay in Bandipur National Park: A Serene Escape Awaits

Jeep safari through the forest - A great idea during your Mysore-Bandipur-Ooty expedition
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Nestled in the Western Ghats, Bandipur National Park is a dream for wildlife lovers. Tigers, elephants and leopards call this place home, making it an adventure haven. This blog will guide you through where to stay in Bandipur National Park and why The Serai, Bandipur is your perfect choice of luxury and comfort! Ready to dive into the heart of Bandipur National Park, where wildlife meets luxury?

Why The Serai Bandipur?

Perfect Spot:
The Serai Bandipur sits right on the edge of the national park, giving you front-row seats to nature's show. Imagine waking up to bird calls and the magic of the wilderness right outside your window.

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exterior facade of The Residence at The Serai Bandipur

Luxurious Accommodations

While planning a trip to Bandipur, where to stay is always something one ponders, and The Serai, Bandipur is the solution. Get cosy in spacious cottages with private balconies and killer views. We have rooms with mountain views that you can wake up to, a magical sight to start your day here! Enjoy the perks of attractive room accessories like chic pillows, your personal coffee maker and even umbrellas for rainy days. If work calls, we've got conference halls ready for your next big pitch.

Exquisite Food

The Serai, Bandipur takes your taste buds on a joyride. Local or international, every meal is a flavour explosion, cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Our restaurant, The Sanctuary and the jungle bar, Moyar's Edge, are worth every minute you spend here!

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Unwind and Rejuvenate

After a wild day in the jungle, treat yourself at The Serai's spa. Body scrubs, therapies, facials – take your pick, and our expert therapists will transport you to heaven. You can also pamper yourself with body scrubs and wraps or beautify with a facial, manicure or pedicure!

Wild Encounters

Jump on a safari through Bandipur National Park for a wildlife experience. Tigers, elephants, leopards, deers and colourful bird species – our guides will accompany you, sharing their knowledge and insights into the park's rich ecosystem.

Tiger sitting on a tree stump peacefully in forest
The tribes of Bandipur grazing their cattle

Sustainable Practices

The Serai, Bandipur is about keeping it green and ensuring the environment remains untouched and unharmed. Rainwater harvesting, waste recycling and local sourcing – we're on a mission to keep nature happy.

Our Bandipur National Park resort is your ticket to a wild journey. Let the jungle's symphony play, the greenery revive you and the wilderness calm your soul. Get ready to embrace the wild, soak in Bandipur's beauty, and find luxury and peace at The Serai, Bandipur. Your adventure? It's right here, waiting for you.