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Preparing yourself and your car for the Monsoons

Heading out for a drive this monsoon? Remember to get your car thoroughly check before you plan your trip this season. Here are a few a tips to ensure that your car is in the best condition before your head out into the rains.


1. Fluids


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Fluid Check

Check the condition and fluid levels in your.

  • Wiper fluid – They are essential in keeping the grime and muck away from your windshield glass. Top up this fluid and add a few drops of mild detergent or shampoo to increase their effectiveness.

  • Coolants/Radiator fluid – These fluids are essential to ensure that your car does not overheat during your long drives. Check and top-up if necessary.

  • Engine oil – If your engine oil is turgid and running a bit thin, then it’s probably a good time to have it changed as well.

  • Battery – Check the level on the electrolyte in each of the cells in the battery and top up with distill water if required.

  • Brake fluids – If your brake pedal has too much of play, it is wise to check the brake fluids and braking lines along with the brake pads and rotors for wear. If the brake fluid level is low or if the fluid appears to be contaminated, have a qualified technician bleed the brake lines and have it topped-up.


2. Waterproofing


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Check Insulation


The rubber lining present on the doors, windows and roof of the car are essential to effectively keep away moisture from your car. Ensure that they do not have any breaks or cuts in them, and have them replaced if they are cracked or worn.


Ensure that the drain holes in the car’s body are clog free to allow for easy dissipation of water.


3. Battery care


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Battery Check


Have specialist inspect your car’s battery and check its voltage readings. This will help determine if your battery is indeed worthy to endure the season.


4. Wiper blades


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Rain Wiper Check


Check for smooth functioning of the windshield wiper blades and replace them if they are worn. If your wipers are leaving a trail of streaks during their operation, then they need to be replaced. Dab the rubber lining of your wiper with some diluted white vinegar using a cloth to keep them fresh and clean for the monsoons.


5. Tyres


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Look out for the TWI


Check the tread depth of your tyre while also inspecting them for cracks and any form of physical damage. You could check the tread depth using a coin by following the instructions of the manufacturer. However, most modern tyres come with treadwear indicators(TWI mark), which can be checked to determine if the tire is roadworthy.


Correct inflation of the tyre is also essential during the monsoon to ensure proper road grip in order to avoid aquaplaning.


6. Air Conditioning


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

AC Check


The Air Conditioning system of your car also essential to keep your car’s windshield and windows from fogging up. Have a technician check the system and recharge the refrigerant gas of the AC system if required.


7. Electricals


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Check the electricals


Check the functioning of the power window and other electrical essentials like the remote lock. Take appropriate actions after consulting a technician at your authorised service centre. The lamps in the headlight and taillight of the car along with the fuses present in the fuse box also need to be inspected. Carry a few extra fuses if warranted.


8. Surface Protection


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Take extra care to protect the surface of your car during monsoons


Always protect the painted surfaces of your car with some polish. For monsoons however, you could use a wax based dressing to keep the car sparkling and shiny. Any unpainted surface coming in contact with water should be treated with an anti-rust liquid to prevent them from rusting.


Try to park your car in a sheltered area during the monsoons and cover it up when not being used.


9. Vehicle check-up


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

A proper check-up for your car is a must this monsoon


Most car manufacturers conduct a monsoon service camp to assess and validate the roadworthiness of your car for the monsoons. Ensure that you get your car serviced during this time to have a hassle free monsoon drive or to rectify hard to find niggles with your vehicle. It is always beneficial to seek the advice of a well trained service technician before venturing out in the rains.


10.  Safe driving tips


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

A dangerous situation may be lurking in any corner during the monsoons


Some simple pointers to keep in mind while driving during the monsoons include:

  • Avoid flooded roads, and if you must go through one, do not speed through it at any cost.

  • If your car has been submerged, get a technician to inspect and clean it before starting it. Even if the car starts up, its engine, transmission, brake, and electrical systems are at risk.

  • If you find your car suddenly submerged, unlock the doors and open the windows immediately. In case you are unable to open the doors or windows, try to kick out a side or rear window using the metal extensions found with the head rests of the seat.

  • When venturing out on the road in your car, take care to prevent submersion in standing or rising water.

  • While passing through a water-logged zone, drive slowly and rev the engine to keep water from entering the tail-pipe.

  • Re-starting the car if it stalls while driving through an area clogged with water is, again, a strict no! It can lead to hydrostatic lock, which causes damage to the engine. Push the car out of the area and inspect it thoroughly before driving again.

  • Never forget that cornering a car depends on the grip of its tyres and the grip is diminished on slippery roads. Approach corners slowly and stay upright instead of leaning into the corner.

  • Stay off the roads if authorities issue such an advisory.


Some Monsoon must-haves:

The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Some essentials for your car during the monsoons


  • A Rope/towing cable –  It will help if you need to be towed out.

  • Tool Kit – This is a must have and though it comes with every car, make sure there is one anyway.

  • A flashlight – You will be glad you decided to keep one in the car if you ever get stuck somewhere in the dark. Yes, everyone has one on their smartphones now but having one comes in handy in case you have to break a window or you run out of juice on your phone.

  • Food – Carry a few small packets of biscuits in the glove box. Helps in case you’re stuck in a bad traffic jam

  • A medical kit – While every car has one, you can add to it, in accordance with your needs, for emergency situations.

Now that you know how to have your car all prepped up and ready to take on the monsoons, make this monsoon a truly memorable experience with The Serai Resorts. To know more Click Here ! 

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