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Love Coffee? It’s Coffee Harvesting Season!

The Serai - Inspired Resorts


“A land of misty hills, lush forests, acres and acres of coffee plantations, and breathtaking landscapes – Chikmagalur  is the quintessential holiday destination.” The postcard-perfect land of mesmerizing beauty and scenic charm. Given its rich cultural heritage, Chikmagalur  has always been a popular and favourite destination among tourists who want to experience the coffee culture. We call it the Cappuccino Life


The Serai - Inspired Resorts


November marks the beginning of the coffee harvest season. At this point coffee trees are filled with coffee cherries. They will be ready for picking when they are bright red, glossy, and firm. The coffee cherry has a skin that is very thick and has a slightly bitter flavour to it. The fruit under the skin is very sweet, having a texture very similar to that of a grape. Under the fruit layer is the parchment, which is covered by a thin, slippery, honey-like layer, called mucilage. This parchment serves as a sort of protective area. After removing the parchment, there are two translucent bluish-green coffee beans, which are coated with a thin layer called the silver skin. Most coffee cherries have two beans, but 5% to 10% of the time only one bean is produced. When a coffee cherry has only a single coffee bean, is called a peaberry.


At our estates ripe cherries are harvested from the coffee tress by using selective picking method, Selective picking involves picking by hand only the ripe cherries from the tree and leaving behind the unripe beans to be harvested at a later time. After being harvested, the coffee beans must then be processed either by dry-process, wet-process. In the dry-process, the coffee beans are allowed to dry while they are still in the cherry. This produces a coffee heavy in body – sweet, smooth and complex. A relatively new method is wet-processing. This process removes the four layers surrounding the coffee bean, which results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier. Come witness it all using our Cappuccino package which offers you the best experience


Cappuccino Life

The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Inspired by the land of coffee, we’ve curated 3 exquisite ways in which you can experience the splendour of Chikmagalur! Allow yourself to unwind in the lap of luxury while you take in sights and sounds of coffee country.


Activities Chikmagalur Memories at The Serai

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