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Fun Facts About The Indian Elephant

Elephants are majestic animals that roam the forests wild and free. Found in herds, these four-legged giants are absolutely herbivorous and feed on plants. Kabini is home to Asia’s largest herd of elephants and sometimes you can ride them into the jungle to get a vantage point on your safari. If you adore elephants, you’ll want to know these fun facts about them.


Big Brains

They have the largest brains in the animal kingdom. Their enormous size allows them to easily crush any threat that may come their way but these gentle creatures are rarely hostile unless provoked.


Trunk Calls

Elephants use their trunks in a variety of ways. They use it to grab objects around them, use it as a trumpet, smell and breathe. Due to the sheer size of their trunks, elephants sometimes rest it on their tusks. Indian Elephants are fond of water and can be seen sprinkling water on themselves with their long trunks. They can even be spotted swimming with their trunks sticking out of the water for air.


Strength in Numbers

An average Indian elephant has a life span of 60 years. The current population of Indian elephants range between 20,000 – 25,000. Although found in herds, the female elephants look after the young ones while the male elephants roam the jungle alone.


Tough Tusks

Elephant tusks are made of ivory and are used to dig for water, strip barks or fight off other animals. Unfortunately, these precious tusks attract poachers who sell it in the black market for exorbitant prices.


If you feel inspired after reading these fun facts about elephants, you can drive down to Kabini or Bandipur for a better view of these magnificent animals.


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