Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member?
You can become a member in The Serai Crest programme after your first stay at any of The Serai or Barefoot Resorts. You will be auto registered as a member into the loyalty programme. Upon registration, you will get an email with the login credentials for your account.
2. How long will I be a member?
Once a member of The Serai Crest, you will remain one as long as the programme continues.
3. How do I earn points?
Guests can earn points from the accommodation that they have paid for, and any other spends at the resorts. For every spend of Rs. 100, you accumulate 10 points.
4. How much are these points worth?
The earn rate is 50% in points valuation.
5. Are there any rewards for referring others to The Serai?
Every referral will earn you 10000 points.
6. How do I redeem these points?
You need to login here for redemption.
7. Where can I redeem the points?
The points you accumulate can be redeemed on the website against the spa, bar and the merchandise store.
8. Where can I utilise the redeemed points?
Once redemption is done on the website, you can utilise it at the resort.
9. Is there a limit for the redemption?
There is a set limit attached to each of the categories from which you can redeem points.
10. Do these points expire?
No. These points do not have an expiry date.
11. Are these points transferable?
No. These points are not transferable.
12. Can points be redeemed for cash?
No, they cannot be redeemed for cash.
13. How do I login to my account?
You can login here with either Email ID or Loyalty ID or Mobile Number.
14. How do I update my personal information?
You can update your personal information by just clicking here:
15. What should I do if I forget my Password?
You can go here and click on Forgot password and an instant email will be sent to your registered Email ID to retrieve your forgotten password.
Guest Reviews
"Ahhh! What a hotel and location!"
Ahhhh! The Serai! What a georgeous hotel! The room was just amazingly beautiful, the bathroom was spectacular and the grounds were just magic! The restaurant served some of the best food we had in India and the chef was attentive and creative. The service was great. If youstop in Bandipur, go to the Serai!
Ms. Sonia L, Montreal, Canada
March 2018
"The Serai Resort, Karnataka"
A beautiful resort, "away from it all" in the coffee hills of Karnataka. It was beautifully laid out, very stylish gardens and the individual bungalows with their own pools were first class. Extremely clean, well appointed and beautifully furnished, the staff was excellent and very helpful. Sadly we were only there for two nights, wish we could have stayed longer, but an experience to remember!
Rickettytravel, London, United Kingdom
March 2018
"Nature and man at their best"
Some 19-20 beautiful cottages. Very safe from the point of view of insects etc. Stunning jungle Safari. We sighted the tiger on our first visit to the Nagarhole National Park. That too with cubs. Also the rare pack of wild dogs.
The Kabini river Safari was equally amazing. Some 20-30 rare birds. And lots of elephants in the wild including Tuskers. I was satiated. But wait, there’s more in store.
The sumptuous food to begin with. Warm people. Smiling and very helpful. Go for morning walks and return invigorated. Visit the waterfront during sunsets.
The Serai property is inconspicuously, beautifully done up. Beautiful decor along simple lines. Do bird watching in the backyards with hammocks. The boats, however, could have been better. A sure must visit. I might repeat my visit.
Ms. Namrata T, Mumbai, India
March 2018

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