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A photographic Camera
How to use your camera like a pro this season

You may dread getting drenched in the rains but the monsoons make for a wonderful time to capture some amazing photographs. With the truly mesmerizing experience during this season, The Serai Resorts are definitely a must visit during the monsoons. What’s more? Apart from the amazing offers at The Serai Resorts this season, you also stand a chance to walk away with a cool cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh with the Shutterbug Photography Contest. Simply submit your photographs during your stay at The Serai and Barefoot Resorts this year and the grand prize could be all yours!


With the forests teeming with life during the monsoon from June to September, it is a wonderful time for some nature, wildlife and landscape photography. With some simple precautions you can unlock your camera’s ultimate potential this monsoons to carry home some truly spectacular memories which you can cherish for a lifetime. The monsoon is a glorious time to shoot, especially considering that it transforms the landscape into a completely unique vista. Explore this wondrous season with the help of a few simple tips.


The Basics


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Protect your camera during the rains


Protect yourself and your equipment during the rains. Stick to easily dryable and comfortable clothes during the monsoons. During rain photography, you may not be able to charge your camera’s batteries. So, an extra set might come in handy for you. Use a lightweight travel tripod for your long exposure clicks. Ensure you carry all your photography equipment in a waterproof bag along with some essentials like rain gear, flash lights and emergency supplies.


Though rain gives a photographer creative opportunities, it is not camera friendly. So keep your equipment safe either by waterproofing it or covering it with plastic or an umbrella. Use the weather sealing if it comes with your camera. Ensure you have adequate micro fibre cloths with you to clean your camera.


When Water Falls on Your Lens


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Water falling on the lens presents you with interesting photo opportunities


While shooting in heavy rain, your equipment may get wet, despite taking all necessary precautions. Never take a chance with your digital camera, as there are a lot of electronics inside that can get spoilt due to water. However, if there are water droplets on the lens or on the filter, you can use your creatively for some interesting effects. Point the camera at an artificial light source like a street lamp and shoot an out-of-focus image. Each water droplet will look like a bright circle of light! If the lens gets fogged due to excessive humidity, do not stop shooting! A hazy lens can create a unique dream-like look that can make colourful scenes seem like a painting.


Wide lens are ideal for landscape photography during the monsoons. Use a graduated filter or under expose to add some emotion to your photos.


Think of what to include


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Pre-plan your shots


When it starts raining, there is always so much of activity. The hustle and bustle gives you a number of photo opportunities, but it is important to realise that this can lead to excessive clutter in your frame as well. Narrowing down on one subject helps you make the composition more impactful, whether you are shooting the an animal, a colourful umbrella or even the water droplets on a car’s windshield. Monsoons are the best time to capture rainbows.


Play with camera settings


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Camera settings can be like a Pandora’s box


Playing with camera settings will give you amazing photographs. In case you want to freeze the rain drops in your picture, faster shutter speed is the key. Slowing down the shutter speed would help you capture the movement of rain. Increasing your ISO settings is advisable in case the light is dim. Switch over to the manual mode of your camera and experiment with the wide range of options to create a masterpiece.


Zoom In


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Zoom in to add more details in your photography


Close-up images may reveal something our eyes miss to see. Zoom in on the details in nature like water droplet on a flower petal, wet grass and textures.


Watch out for reflections


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Use reflections to add another dimension to your snaps


Puddles and wet surfaces can bring out interesting perspectives. Explore different angles to create an interesting image. Look out for puddles that reflect architecture, people, details, from surroundings. You can create a symmetrical composition by capturing the subject as well as its reflection.


Just After it Rains


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Watch nature come alive after a downpour


This season is not just about the rains. The quality of light truly comes alive just after it has stopped raining. Overcast skies and windswept landscapes provide many shooting opportunities. Trees and other plants look lush green and wet roads tend to become reflective. Watch out for the play of sunlight that happens during this period. The light is really soft and ideal for subjects like portraiture.
So start clicking and send us your best images at The Serai Resorts to claim the crown of the ultimate shutterbug this time. Enjoy the rains with us and happy photography!


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