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DIY tips to imbibe a bit of the monsoons into your homes

Monsoons may seem to be the best time to get drenched in the rain, sit lazily by the window or balcony to watch the raindrops fall with a nice cup of hot chai. But the monsoons are also when the day may seem too boring, dull and gloomy. The décor at your home also goes for a toss. There are washed clothes that don’t dry quickly; kids get their muddy footprints all across the house, and the dark indoors are definitely a downer.


Keep your décor fresh and preppy to enliven your home this season. Swap your greys, blues and dark hues for bright shades of tangerine, citrus, turquoise and pinks to get started.


Gloomy doomy no more!


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

A bright interior will definitely uplift your mood this monsoon


Dull and gloomy grey outside? Brighten your room with shades of orange and pinks. Vibrant colours highlight not only the room but also the mood.


Flavour your furniture


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Being around a bean bag is so much fun


Break away from your mundane furniture. Change the look of your living room by adding a bright coloured bean bag.


Bed Linen


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Set the tone for the season with your bed linen


There is a slight temperature drop during these months for which you’ll want to keep your bedroom warm and cozy. Your bedspread, duvet, pillows and cushions all need to be chosen wisely. Since the overcast skies can cast a dark shadow on your home, go for bright and vibrant colours. Yellow, orange and green are the preferred colours.


Lighter shades can maximize the light available inside the room and give a lift to the space. Avoid darker shades. At the same time, do not choose white or beige colours for your bed linen. They tend to become difficult to clean, if they get muddy. Make the bedroom warm by adding pillows and cushions on the bed.

Candles & Fragrances


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Candles – a sure fire way to uplift your mood this season


Make sure you place some candles and mild fragrances to evade the moist smell from your home. Keep them handy on your coffee tables, so that you can light them up in the evenings. Also, monsoon means more power cuts. This can be tackled by aromatic candles that will serve both the purposes not to mention their romantic appeal.


Green Homes


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Use greenery to soothe your soul during the rains


With all the lush greenery during the rains, try bringing the outdoors in. You can place indoor plants in attractive pots and containers in the corners of your home. Plants will give a brighter appearance to the room.


Certain plants like the common money plant, Bamboo shoots and Syngonium can be grown in pitcher of water. Try keeping them on shelves or the window sill of your bathroom. They will not only be helpful in controlling the odour, but also bring in some positive energy.




The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Flower Power


Do you have those tall vases(uruli) lying around unused? Check with your local florist to get some red roses, geraniums or lilies and arrange the flowers attractively in the vase. Not only do they act as a stress buster and mood reliever, they also gives your space a whole new dimension.


You could also repurpose your old wellington boots as a quirky flower vase. Style your entryway with this DIY vase along with some lovely sunflowers or daisies.


Wind Chimes


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Let the song of the winds fill your monsoon memories


To add a whimsical note to your home, hang windchimes by the window or in the balcony and let the chimes soothe your mood. To make it a fun project, get your family together and look for DIY windchimes you can make from bits and bobs lying around your home.


Baskets & Doormats


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Keep your home nice and tidy with the right doormat


Leave an all-weather doormat at your front door so guests can wipe their boots, thus ensuring your floors don’t suffer. Opt for doormats made from jute, coir or recycled rubber with attractive prints to introduce a dash of quirkiness to your entryway. Remember, your doormat is your first line of defense to keep all the muck at bay. A good doormat should be placed near the entrance to absorb the slush that guests might bring in during the monsoons.


Don’t forget to keep a tall basket or a designated storage option for the wet rain gear in your foyer or near the entrance. Umbrellas and raincoats can be neatly placed in them so that one doesn’t forget to take it while going out.


The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Never forget the one thing that you need for a rainy day




The Serai - Inspired Resorts

Time to put out those hidden treasures


Don’t wait for special guests or occasions. Pull out your attractive chinaware stowed away in their hidden spaces. Treat yourselves to a steaming cup of coffee or just put them out for display in your living room. You could also hang some painted crockery on your walls to add a soulful dimension to your living spaces.


To learn more about monsoon décor, click here.


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