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Riding down those roads like ribbons of black into the blue sky, The Serai Torque promises to be a Harley Owner's dream come true. Exiting destinations, great outdoors and a stay at one of The Serai Resorts is what is waiting for you when you make this trip.
Wicked Ride

A Wicked Journey to The Serai

In order to provide the biking fraternity with a one of a kind experience, The Serai Resorts with its Torque platform has tied up with Wicked Ride, the luxury bike rental service. With its exclusive packages, The Serai has geared up to address the need of those very bikers looking for a luxurious getaway on some great machines. The Serai has always been passionate about catering to the needs of these bikers through its luxurious amenities and experiences with its range of inspired resorts. And now with the impressive line-up of high-end bikes from Wicked Ride like the Benelli, Ducati, Harley Davidson and Triumph, the bikers are surely in for a treat. Come be part of this unique opportunity and take home with everlasting memories.

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The Serai Resorts have 3 resorts in some of the most exotic locales in the country. Each one of these destinations are an inspiration to us. They have taught us a lot and it is these lessons that we have learnt that we would want to share with you.
The Serai Bandipur Icon


Inspired by the Jungle

This resort set practically on the edge of the jungle is a Wild Lifer's dream come true. With the welcoming deer at the verandah of your room to the roar of a wild cat in the night, The Serai Bandipur promises to be an exciting story for you to tell your loved ones. With 24 rooms, all of them overlooking the Nilgiri mountain range, the view is as dramatic as the destination that we are in.
Enroute, stop by at Mysore if you wish to get a glimpse of a kingdom ruled by art and culture that has become world famous. Now you could even ride up to Ooty, the Queen of the hills. Stop by for a sumptuous lunch at any of the local restaurants, shop and head back to The Serai. The ride to and back from Ooty is what would be the exciting chapter in this trip that you undertake.
The Serai Kabini Icon


Inspired by the Waterfront

With the drama at The Serai Kabini looking right into the river Kabini, tales of history, adventure, wildlife and the fisherman wait to be told to you. All the accommodation at The Serai Kabini open right into the river. The nights here could be spent at “The Outpost” or or bar where the darkness of the night and the stars in the sky put up a show of sorts just for you.
Enroute, stop by at Mysore if you wish to get a glimpse of a kingdom ruled by art and culture that has become world famous. Also take a ride to Wayanad. Tea plantations like green blankets greet you here. Stop by for some very local cuisines and that cup of tea in the chilliness in the air.
The Serai Chikmagalur Icon


Inspired by the Coffee

Riding past hills with the aroma of coffee being roasted and the air thick with the drama un- folding before you is what Chikmagalur is all about. This small town in Karnataka is where coffee was first sown. The place itself is extremely dramatic in every sense. You ride past chapters of a history book before entering Chikmagalur. Sprinkled with villages, temples, lakes, hills and coffee, the winding paths and the sound of your bike is what will keep the action alive.
Stop by to visit the bygone eras of the 14th century, Belur and Halebeedu temples on your way to Chikmagalur. Or even ride up to the Mulliangiri hills to feel like a God looking down upon the clouds as they cover the earth below.