The Crest Benefits

For every spend of Rs. 100 at the Serai Resort, you earn 10 points. In addition, The Serai Crest rewards high-earners with bonus points. Upon the completion of a year, the number of room stays at The Serai attracts a milestone bonus:
Milestones in 1 membership yr Room Nights Bonus Points Earned
2 stays 4 1000
2 stays 6 2500
5 stays 10 5000
7 stays 14 10000

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I become a member?
You are eligible to become a member in The Serai Crest programme after a single stay in any Serai property. You may contact the reception staff, who will help you with your enrolment form. Once you have filled in the enrolment form, your details will be captured in order to help us know you and serve you better. You will rece ive your membership kit and membership card number. Later, you will receive an email – directing you to your account online. You can then login to your account, and check your points as well as choose your rewards online – from anywhere – and at any time.
2.How long will I be a member?
Once a member of The Serai Crest, you are one as long as the programme continues. (Conditions apply)
3.How do I earn points?
Points are accumulated for each of the following: Per night room stay Extra Food ordered Coffee Tour Bar expenses Laundry expenses Oma Spa services
4.How much are these points worth?
For every spend of Rs. 100, you accumulate 10 points.
5.Are there any additional points for high-earners?
Yes, The Serai Crest rewards high-earners with Bonus points. Upon the completion of a year, the number of room nights stayed attract a milestone bonus. (Refer to The Serai Crest Benefits)
6. Are there any rewards for referring others to The Serai?
Any good news needs to be spread. If you wish your friends to enjoy the luxuries of The Serai stay that you have experienced, go ahead and refer them. Every friend of yours who comes to stay with us, receives our personal attention, as well as earns points for you. (Refer to The Serai Crest Benefits)
7.Where can I redeem my points?
The points you accumulate can be
redeemed on:
The Serai Stay Vouchers
The Serai merchandise
8.How do I redeem these points?
The whole process is transparent and convenient, and can be done online. You are awarded a membership number, which you can use to log onto our website, and to check your points. You will also see your available rewards with their respective points value. Click on your choice of reward, place your order and your selected gift will be delivered at your door step within 30 working days.
9.Do these points expire?
The points expire in 2 years from the last day on which they have been earned,.
10.Are these points transferrable?
No. You, as our valued member, have earned your points, and we wish to see only you enjoy them. Your membership, and your points belong to your account alone.
Guest reviews
“It's luxurious serenity, wish I could
have stayed longer!”
Madhumita M
June 2015
“Awesome experience. Felt totally
pampered during the stay.!”
Ravi Shankar Jha
June 2015
“Enjoyed nature at The Serai Kabini”
John Matthew
June 2015
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The Crest

Our guests at the Serai are special, exclusive and discerning, like the resorts themselves and for you- we offer our loyalty programme- The Crest.
The Serai Shutterbug
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