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The Serai Barefoot Havelock Package


Inspired by coffee, we've curated 3 exquisite ways in which you can experience the splendour of Chikmagalur! Allow yourself to unwind in the lap of luxury while you take in sights and sounds of coffee country.
The Serai Barefoot Havelock Package

Above and Below

Embark on a 10 day adventure, where you go tiger-spotting in the jungles of Karnataka before diving into the deep blue waters of the Andamans to witness exotic marine life.
10 days 9 nights

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The Crest

Our guests at the Serai are special, exclusive and discerning, like the resorts themselves and for you- we offer our loyalty programme- The Crest.
The Serai Shutterbug
The Serai Shutterbug 2016 workshop is the photography experience. We encourage and train budding photographers to capture nature in all her beauty without disturbing life in the wilderness.