The Serai Kabini
Inspired by the Waterfront
The protected land of the wild – the home ground where birds trill and deer roam unafraid – the banks of the river running by - the magical point where the three wildlife parks meet – this is where you arrive for adventure

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Trek into the evergreen forests or rest by the river at your Waterfront Verandah for a moment of respite. Walk alongside nature and enjoy every chance you get to be enchanted. With leaping leopards and tigers on the prowl, Kabini opens its doors to anyone with a keen eye for adventure.
  • Kabini is home to Asia’s largest herd of elephants
  • 200 kms away from Bangalore
  • More than 300 species of birds are spotted throughout the year
Activities & Attractions
Jungle Safari Nature Walk At The Serai Kabini
Jungle Safari & Nature Walk
Bonfires At The Serai Kabini
Kayaking At The Serai Kabini
Kayaking At The Serai Kabini
Romantic Dinners At The Serai Kabini
Romantic Dinners
Bicycle Trails At The Serai Kabini
Bicycle Trails
Rest by the riverbed as the waters calm your senses. Each cottage at The Serai Kabini is designed to give you a unique view of the waterfront with nothing but birds coming in the way.
Waterfront Verandah

Twin cottages, each with cozy warm wood interiors, spotless white linens and a pretty little sit-out. The designedner bathroom inside is fitted with a fibre-glass top for an open sky shower.

Waterfront Villa

Stone walls, wooden floors, tiled roofs and a lovely patch of green to call your own. The exquisitely decorated interiors will leave you enchanted.

The residence

Enjoy a spacious bedroom, living room, two private verandahs and a private Jacuzzi. Wake up to the sounds of the mighty river on one side and a truant little creek flowing by on the other.

Feast between the hills and misty forests. Enjoy scrumptious spreads and fine wine at a secluded spot, reserved just for you.
Wildgrass At The Serai Kabini
Living close to nature is a luxury only a few can afford. For those who can, our restaurant, Wildgrass, puts out a wide range of multi cuisine delicacies and food favourites that delight you.
The Outpost
Call it old fashioned but the wooden beams and tables really bring out the charm of this watering hole. Sip your drink and savour each moment under the starlight at our open-air bar, The Outpost.
utpost At The Serai Kabini
Oma Spa
In Sanskrit Oma means 'life giver'. The Spa is based on holistic and natural, back to the earth wellness and beautification.
Step into a world of pure bliss and energy with the unique spa therapies specialized by the western and eastern holistic techniques. Here you can relax on an altogether deeper dimension, as the therapists' dextrous fingers massage away the tension, cleanse the body and rejuvenate the spirit.
Guest Reviews
"Great Hospitality and Location at Kabini River"
Superb location..Friendly staff..Various sports and other activities..

Did Coracle ride and Boat ride to the nearby temple. Safari was great experience.Morning group spotted Bisons andmany birds.Afternoon group spotted Tiger, Elephant. Overall it was great 2 days at Serai Kabini.
Dr Sheth, Ahmedabad
December 2017
"Serai is a perfect marriage of luxury and warm hospitality"
This is my third visit to Serai Kabini. They were also my saviour when we dined with them though I was a guest at The Bison. Serai has a fantastic real estate where all rooms have a river view. Having experienced every room type, my last visit ended with being upgraded to their premium room, The Residence Serai is not as rural rustic as the Red Earth or opulent as The Orange Country. It is a well manicured luxury getaway in the heart of Kabini. The real estate is vast enough to enjoy a long walk but compact enough to hear your neighbours. There is a happy space between each Water front cottages and Water front Verandahs. Booking and reception is efficient and quick. There is a buggy to take you from the reception/dining to the rooms. It is only a 600mtr walk from the farthest end (The Residence) to the reception. So skip the buggy and enjoy the walk.  Having stayed at all their room types, The Residence is our favourite. With a beautiful room that is quaint, the space is private and cozy. The sitting area faces the open air jacuzzi, which in turn faces the River. The rest room is opulent and has all the making of luxury in it. Enjoy the open shower with a glass ceiling that lets in the sunshine or the beauty of twinkling stars and the moonlight.  The Waterfront Villas have a beautiful outdoor seating where you can enjoy your morning cuppa as your watch nature unfold its magic. Enjoy your afternoon siesta on the hammock or tuck into their luxurious bed for a short nap. The rooms are sparkling clean with all the modern amenities of a star hotel. The bathrooms are spacious, with enough natural light thanks to the open air showers.  The pool is well maintained and shadowed by large trees. There are many indoor game options. However I do find the maintenance of these games do not reflect The Serai standard. i do notice this in most places that indoor games/equipments are poorly maintained and often neglected. I hope the management are listening to this feedback as indoor games are super fun and bring families together. They have a charm that can never be diminished. The Serai Buffet at the Wildgrass is never a let-down. The spread is vast enough to tease and tempt you yet satiate you perfectly. Great care is ensured to serve the best quality food that is wholesome and delicious. The restaurant staff are courteous and willing to go the extra mile for you. My special thanks to the team for accommodating us when we landed hungry and disappointed from a neighbouring property.  The OMA Spa is another great getaway. I highly recommend to the visiting guests. The fruit facial is a sheer delight if you detest chemicals or have sensitive skin. Moiteya is highly skilled and knowledgeable and a perfect masseuse. I do confess that I extended the stay by a day only to pamper myself at The Spa. The spa menu is extensive and there is something to please everyone.  The closet safari is right next door with the Jungle Lodges. The prices have significantly gone up and the cost is not included in your package. The Department Safari is about 22kms away which only uses canters. Jeeps at JLR is strictly based on availability. Boat safaris are available too and guests can chose between boat and land safari. The naturalists are knowledgeable and welcome all your queries with smile and enthusiasm.  We have had our share of amazing sightings while being guests at The Serai. Mr Nixon has always extended his best whenever we reached out to him.  As The Serai Crest's member, we do accrue points for each of our stay. However I do find their redemption rules restrictive. I believe there must be greater flexibility to use the crest points.  Serai is serene (except when you find large families who are loud) and suave. It is luxury amidst wilderness. It is also an experience that will not disappoint you.
Yanya Yogi, Bangalore
November 2017
"Superb location and Great hospitality"
I will highly recommend this resort because of below reasons.

Location: Beautiful resort and superb location. We stayed at Villa with beautiful view of river.

Cleanliness: Rooms, toilet/bathroom and all facilities are very clean.

Service and Hosptality: I will give 10/10 to entire staff for their great hospitality and Service. All staff is very fiendly and helpful. Thanks to Resort Manager Brian, Restaurant Manager Prashant and Supervisor Marilyn. I didn't remember names of all people but thanks to everyone at Serai.
Special Thanks to Chef Vikas, as he made delicious gluten free cake on my Birthday and different gluten free dishes during our stay considering that I'm allergic to gluten and lactose.

Food: Food is very lovely and delicious. We opted for ala-carte menu. We didn't try buffet, but it was tempting. I informed resort in advance that I am allergic to gluten and lactose. Chef had completely taken care of my food and suggested different options for me. I'll recommend the food at Wildgrass restaurant for people who has gluten and lactose intolerance.

Activities: There are some activities are chargable. e.g. safari, archary, temple ride, sunset ride etc. You can also enjoy free activities like cycling, carrom, TT, Bonfire.
We loved the safari of Nagarhole National Park. It is operated by Karnataka government. But resort helps you to book your safari and it is based on frist come first serve. So you need to book safari in advance at Serai. We saw spotted deers, peacock, elephants, sambar deers. We didn't see the tiger. but the people in other vehicle got opportunity to see the tiger.

Rooms: All rooms are clean. There are complementary snack items and tea coffee in the room. Electric Kettle is also there. There is no TV in the room but its ok. You will get quality time for yourself so you can enjoy at resort. And still if you want to watch TV, it is available near library. Wifi is available only in reception lobby.

Cost: Food is value for money. Room charges are little bit high but you can compromise that with the great service, food and hospitality you are getting at Resort.

This is a perfect location and resort for short trip.
Bhagya, Pune
November 2017

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