The Serai Chikmagalur
Inspired by Coffee
Welcome to the world of coffee where lush green plantations fill miles of open land, where sprawling historical ruins hold hidden secrets, where entrancing temples beckon from dynasties of yore – welcome to Coffee Country!

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When it comes to making memories, nothing comes close to Chikmagalur. Enjoy a sip of delicious homegrown coffee, take a dip in your own private pool at your estate or just take a brisk walk around the plantations for an adventure like no other.
  • Chikmagalur is home to the very first coffee plantations of India
  • 250 kms away from Bangalore
  • Mullayanagiri, at 1926 meters above sea level, is the highest point in Karnataka
Activities & Attractions
Coffee Walk
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In & Around: Belur and Halebid
Bean to cup
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As they say, there’s a villa for everyone. From private pools to Jacuzzis, we’ve left no stone unturned to make your stay unforgettable.
Estate Villa with Jacuzzi

Make the most of your time under water and above the land. Stay at the estate villa that comes with a relaxing Jacuzzi to help you unwind.

Estate Villa with Pool

Walk into your single-floored villa, with the undulating plantations as your back garden. Large glass doors and windows allow the sunshine to slant into your subtly sophisticated living area, straight out to your private pool.

Estate Terrace

Elegance is felt at every inch of this two-tiered villa. Enjoy the view of majestic trees, ferns, plantations and paddy fields from your balcony.

The Residence

Like a red carpet, the waterside walkway leads to the Residence. It’s exclusive, expansive and enchanting at the same time. It comes with designer bedrooms, separate living and dining spaces as well as a private pool.

Gaze upon the great outdoors and satisfy your tastebuds. Our restaurant and bar is situated on a highland for you to wine and dine in style.
Odyssey At The Serai Chikmagalur
Odyssey - The Traveler's Restaurant
Indulge yourself with flavors of food that burst in your mouth. We dish out a wide range of multi cuisine delicacies and food favourites that will whet your appetite.
Blue Sky Lounge
Grab a drink and save yourself a sweet spot at the coffee country’s most exquisite lounge bar. Savor each sip as you enjoy being on top of the world.
Blue Sky Lounge At The Serai Chikmagalur
Oma Spa
In Sanskrit Oma means 'life giver'. The Spa is based on holistic and natural, back to the earth wellness and beautification.

Step into a world of pure bliss and energy with the unique spa therapies specialized by the western and eastern holistic techniques. Here you can relax on an altogether deeper dimension, as the therapists' dextrous fingers massage away the tension, cleanse the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

Our signature therapy is the coffee cure. A famed anti-oxidant which is terrific for your skin, coffee beans grinding into your back or feet, can trim you, tighten you, and send your senses a tingle. One massage or one scrub - and you’re a coffee addict for life.

Packages At The Serai Chikmagalur
Trekker's Trail
This one is especially for all adventure enthusiasts. The mountain ranges of Chikmagalur offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. Explore the Western Ghat terrain on your feet. This trek is sure to leave you asking for more on your trip to The Serai Chikmagalur! Feel the wind on your face as you hike the nature’s trail over the Baba Budangiri ranges. Guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.
Guest Reviews
"Excellent property and kind staff"
Last weekend we visited the Serai, our main purpose was to stay put and relax, so we were very happy that we choose serai, the rooms were very nicely crafted/ built with good facilities, onboard features like inroom snacks and others were a refreshing change to other hotels.
 The food was good with some live counter for every meal.
 Overall a good stay and would recommend if you are visiting chikamagalur.
P Sukhuma, Bangalore - India
June 2017
"Worth the money"
The Property is huge, something like 80 acres, so be prepared for walks (you can take the buggy but where is the fun in that), there are quite a lot of things you can do in Serai if your staying for a couple of days... they have the air hockey room and a little playground for kids and the activity room is quite engaging. The property is very well maintained.

The menu is quite well spread over, lots of options for veggies, gets a bit repetitive though.
but the higlight for us was the staff at restaurant, we had infant with us and were really helped out by Avin and Sushma from the restaurant. 

You can have a walk through the property with Pawan for the activities who is quite knowledgeable about the local plants. 

The sense of ownership of the resort is amazing, you can ask for anything to anyone and they will help you out. Not once was I asked to contact the front desk, instead the person to whom I asked would himself call them up and help us out.
Naveen Ashok, Mumbai
May 2017
"Memorable stay amidst a coffee plantation"
To be frank, Chikmagalur wasn't our first choice when we wanted to get out for a break. We tried the Serai in Kabini, but were informed that kids (<3 years) were not allowed for the forest safari. It was then that someone suggested that we should give the Serai in Chikmagalur a try.

A quick call to their booking center in Bangalore and we were all set for the trip! :)

The travel to the property from Bangalore is about 5 hours. Roads are very good and easily navigated. The best part of the resort - their service - begins here. We got calls from the resort asking us our whereabouts and the approx. time we would reach and so on. We took an early morning flight from Mumbai and left straight from the airport to Chikmagalur. I called up the resort slightly in advance to request them to arrange for something for my 2 year old. They were ready to oblige and I was pleasantly surprised to have them welcome me and inform that the food was ready! One of their ever smiling staff escorted us to lunch immediately and informed us that check-in formalities could wait! Wow! 

Coming to the food - extremely flavorsome, all the right ingredients and balanced spices. They had a good mix of Salads and local and regular India cuisine. The important thing to emphasize is that they were open to any customization that we sought. We were on an AP (all meals included) and whatever changes we sought were delivered with a smile. We often had a situation where our toddler had his moods and hence required something prepared for him during meal time. The staff was ever ready to cater to our needs - so much so with even the Chef coming out to personally enquire if they were able to deliver on our requirements or if anything else was required. Hats off to their service. 
Also, if you are there, do visit their restaurant for their evening snacks and coffee session. This is complimentary for all in-house guests and is the best coffee you will taste. With freshly brewed coffee from their own estate - it is simply out of this world! I ended up having so much coffee every evening and couldn't get bored of it! 

Last but certainly not the least - the villas! Just out of this world. We stayed at the Temptation Terrace villas which were a duplex with the main bedroom at ground level and a sitting/ bedroom in the lower level - with a private swimming pool. We did not use the private pool though! We made use of the common swimming pool in their courtyard. The villas were extremely spacious and had views to die for. It is an experience you should just soak in without doing nothing at all. If you do want to be active, you can swim, go for a hike around the property, cycle around or play tennis, badminton or cricket. (Yes, they have a cricket field as well!!!) They also have a kids play area and billiards and chess for the "older" kids! And a small library for the studious ones!

Just have one suggestion to the team - please do light up the area leading to the Villas - it does get a bit dark in the evenings/ night. Also if something can be done on the stray dogs roaming around the premises. Agree that this is part of the coffee estate - but can get dangerous for guests.

A wonderful experience with the amazing staff just adding on to the surreal experience of the whole place. The ever helpful staff (I'm not naming anyone specific coz that would be doing injustice to the others) is really the asset of this place. Do go there - preferably in a group - to just soak in the atmosphere, if not anything else.
Anand G, Mumbai
April 2017

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