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The Magic Of Monsoons

Every year, monsoon rains rock South India in the month of June and stay on till September. A sudden transformation takes place in the air as the harsh sun disappears beneath the rain-bearing clouds arriving from the Indian Ocean. The cool breeze and relief it delivers from the summer heat, the smell of earth that raises with the early rains, the beauty of tiny water droplets rolling down the grass blades and the continuous ‘tup tup’ of the falling drops infuse a romance in the air that lingers through the three months.

The world comes alive as the first drops of monsoon showers kiss the earth and invigorates the little streams that flow down from the mountains. There is a buzz of activity in all forms of life. Seeds hiding in the ground spring up green shoots as the ground gets moistened by the rainfall. Yellow and orange mushrooms spread their umbrellas and dazzle on the dark surfaces of the fallen tree trunks. Cicadas constantly murmur after the light fall and fill the forest with their symphony. Frogs croak with joy from their hide in the ponds, welcoming the new season.

Up in the hills of Chikmagalur, the clouds bring in a remarkable change in the atmosphere. The vistas of grassy slopes and the dense forests of Bhadra wilderness disappear under a blanket of fog that brings a mysterious charm to the landscapes. Tiny flowers come alive in the grasslands and add a dash of vibrancy to the unending greenery. Creeks get filled and the larger streams roar with life as they hurtle down to the plains. They tumble down the rocky cliffs with great force forming waterfalls that roar deafeningly. Rainforests of Bhadra gain a lush look with every leaf wet and fresh, water drops dripping from their tips on their way down to ground from the thick canopy.

The three months of rains are a celestial blessing that uplift the spirits of every form of life on earth. It is time to hang the boots and take up refuge in an easy-chair sipping freshly brewed, hot filter-coffee and listen to the sound of rain drops dripping from the roof at a live, lush and beautiful surrounding.

– Arun Bhat, Travel Writer

Upfront – A day in the life of The Serai

The god of rejuvenation of life, “Monsoon” revives Kabini. The Nagarhole National Park covers
itself with a coat of lush green blossom everywhere. The dawn of new life is witnessed and
rejoiced by all flora and fauna. Monsoon brings life to the Kabini River, like a mighty empress
conquering the land with water. If you are lucky, you may witness Asiatic elephants wading
through the river, small islands with crocodiles basking on it, herds of deer grazing on the river
bank. Being a perennial source of water, Kabini River is a watering hole for all mammals alike,
thereby unfolding a theatre of memorable wildlife sightings.

– Sanjeev, Manager

& Sukanta, Naturalist, The Serai Kabini


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