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Kabini – Legends of the Land

Kabini has lured people to its land from the days of yore. The mystic charm of this river stretches all the way back to the days of Indian epics such as the Mahabharatha and the Ramayana. We’ve done a little homework and carefully collated legends that’ll you’ll be thrilled to know.


The Legend of Lava & Kusha

This story dates back to the period of one of India’s oldest epics, the Ramayana. It is said that when Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, along with Lava and Kusha, their two sons, were exiled from Ayodhya, they came to rest below a tamarind tree near Karapura village. As her children were hungry, Sita was hard pressed to provide them with food for the night. Seeing a light flickering at a distance, Sita instructed her children to wait for her and forbade them to move from the tree, and went to investigate. The source of light was a temple, and the priest got surprised to see a lonely woman wandering in the jungle late at night. Realising who she was, he advised her to rest and offered to take food for her children.


On finding Lava and Kusha, he offered them food. However, they were tired and agitated, and asked to be taken to their mother before they ate. The priest promised them that if they are good children, they would finish eating and he would immediately take them to their mother.


Once a year, the Keramma Temple organizes a procession to commemorate this legend. It’s usually held in the month of April where believers walk their way to the temple, dressed as Lava and Kusha. The original temple is now submerged by the Kabini dam, but the diety was relocated to a makeshift temple in Karapura village, which exists to this day.


The Legend of Bhimana Kolli

Dating back 800 years to the times of the Kura clan, this legend pulls a page from the great Indian epic, the Mahabharatha. According to mythology, the Pandavas are said to have crossed the river Kabini during their exile from their kingdom. Bhimana Kolli is the spot along the river from where Bhima, the strongest of the five brothers, crossed the river in a single leap. The Bhimana Koli temple has now been constructed atop of that spot to pay homage to the great sons of Pandu.


Hush! We aren’t going to tell you all the secrets Kabini has to whisper just yet. Visit the mystic river to uncover more such mysteries for yourself.


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