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5 Amazing Aquatic Animals of the Andamans

The Andaman Islands are renowned throughout the world for their pristine forests and sandy shores. Life on these islands can be fun and easy on your holiday but the real enchantment ensues underwater as you take a dip in the ocean. Take scuba diving classes and dive deep to uncover these marine mysteries.


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Humphead Parrotfish
Found on reefs in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, Humphead Parrotfish can grow up to 4.3 ft in length and can weigh up to 46 kg. They develop a bulbous forehead, exposing their teeth plates that are partially covered by their lips.


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Whitebanded Shrimp
Whitebanded Shrimp can grow up to a length of 2.4 inches and can be found dwelling on coral reefs around the Andaman Islands. They can be recognized by their characteristic trait of having white antennae and white pereiopods.


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Peacock Mantis
Mantis shrimps are commonly found in the Indian Ocean but what makes the Peacock Mantis special are the attractive color palettes spread across their body. While some people might consider it a prize possession, others consider it a dangerous pest as it rampantly feeds on other fishes.


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Giant Moray
Giant Morays are large eels that can reach up to 9.8 ft in length and weigh up to 30 kg. They can be found hiding in lagoons, widespread in the Indo-Pacific region. While the young ones are tan in color with large black spots, adults have black specks behind their heads.


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Manta Ray
Manta Rays have triangular pectoral fins, horn-shaped cephalic fins and forward-facing mouths. They can be found swimming across the open oceans in search of zooplankton to feed on. They are a very vulnerable species, threatened by pollution, entanglement in fishing nets and direct harvesting for their gill rakers for use in Chinese medicine.


These marine marvels are incredible to witness firsthand, so grab your bag and get to the Andaman Islands now.


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